Aid & Assitance

Aid & Assistance Programs

Integracja środowiska żydowskiego

Social Integration of the Jewish Community

Subsidizing family, overnight and day camps:


A Jewish summer camp for children and teenagers, during which participants take part in art workshops, excursions, Jewish cultural activities, sports, dancing and more. Participants are guaranteed kosher meals. Camp ATID is a safe and interesting way to have an amazing vacation!

Camp Szarvas JDC-Lauder International Jewish Youth Camp in Hungary

Campers from over 30 countries across Europe, the Americas and Asia. The program consists of a wide variety of activities, including sports, the arts, learning Israeli dances, a variety of evening programs all in an incredible international Jewish communal atmosphere.

Summer and winter trips for families 

Trips include educational activities for different age groups (and all age groups!), sports, art, and a communal Shabbat.


Trips for youth aged 12 – 17 and for families. The program includes celebrating Shabbat together, discussions on all sorts of topics, games and Torah study for those who are interested.

Subsidized JCC Warszawa membership cards

Facilitating participation in ticketed events organized by JCC Warszawa.

PUSZKE Pomoc bezpośrednia

Direct Aid

The Direct Aid Program was created for local Jewish families and the elderly who, as a result of situations beyond their control, are unable to afford basic needs.

Individuals and families who find themselves in a fragile economic situation as a result of job loss, illness, disability, low income, or an accident may apply for assistance.

We offer assistance in the following fields:

  • Education co-financing nursery, kindergarten or school fees, purchase of school supplies and participation in extracurricular activities
  • Healthcare subsidizing treatment, recovery, immunization, medical, rehabilitation and physical therapy equipment
  • Targeted benefits subsidizing housing fees, school lunches, purchase of winter clothing for children, purchase or repair of necessary household items

Each family grapples with their own unique issues, therefore we guarantee an individual approach to each application.

In the past, we have provided financial assistance to families for: medical treatment, food, rent payment, the purchase of fuel, school supplies, necessary clothing and footwear, as well as repairs to household appliances.

Rozwój dzieci

Children’s Development

Supporting children’s development is an investment in their future and ours.

We want the youngest members of our community to be able to develop their interests and talents as best they can. The PUSZKE Foundation supports kids by awarding special educational scholarships.

For children struggling with different types of issues, we offer subsidies for tutoring, extra classes, purchasing textbooks, as well as specialized psychological support.

In addition, the PUSZKE Foundation subsidizes participation in sports camps and extracurricular activities related to physical activity. Sport integrates, teaches the principles of fair play, patience and perseverance and, above all, social skills. We support young athletes! We appreciate persistence, passion and healthy competition.

PUSZKE dla Ukrainy

PUSZKE for Ukraine

Following the outbreak of war in Ukraine in February 2022, the foundation joined relief efforts for members of the Ukrainian Jewish community streaming into Poland.

How to Receive Aid

1. Contact one of our caseworkers – tell us/write us briefly about your situation

2. The caseworker will let you know which documents you should download, complete and deliver to the PUSZKE Foundation

3. After receiving the documents, the caseworker will contact you and determine the next steps