PUSZKE for Ukraine

PUSZKE for Ukraine

The PUSZKE Foundation has been involved in helping Ukrainian refugees since the first days of the war instigated by Russia. Initially, Polish Jewish organizations and individuals organized a joint effort, coordinated by a crisis management team composed of representatives of the JDC, the Jewish Community of Warsaw, the Social and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland (TSKŻ), the Taube Center for Jewish Life & Learning, and the PUSZKE Foundation. From the initial chaos, structures of an aid system began to emerge, which,  in the first three months, included assistance in every field: a free shop for refugees was opened, medicines and other supplies were collected and sent to Ukraine, refugees were picked up from the border, transportation was provided and accommodation was made available. Over time, these provisional forms of assistance were molded into more systemic ones.

Since June 2022, the foundation has focused on helping Ukrainian Jewish refugees start a new life in Poland, so that those who lost their homes in Ukraine could integrate more easily into the new community, so that new challenges would be easier for them and life could slowly return to a relative normal.

Grants from the JDC have made it possible for us to offer four aid programs for those who have not yet decided whether to return or move on, as well as those who have decided to start a new life in Poland: SOS – Crisis Assistance Program, Housing, Winter Relief and Psychological Support.

Currently, each Jewish refugee can apply for assistance within two assistance programs:

  • The Material Support Program (formerly, the SOS – Crisis Assistance Program) is intended to provide one-time emergency assistance for the purchase of basic hygiene products, cleaning products, food , necessary clothing and healthcare.
  • Housing – assistance in renting an apartment (from finding an apartment, through signing the contract, to co-financing the rent).

How to Receive Aid

1. Contact one of our caseworkers – tell us/write us briefly about your situation

2. The caseworker will let you know which documents you should download, complete and deliver to the PUSZKE Foundation

3. After receiving the documents, the caseworker will contact you and determine the next steps

Status Report: Ukrainian Refugee Relief Efforts
February 24th, 2022 – February 24th, 2023

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